I confess, I love a fresh Christmas Tree, but I always feel guilty for wasting a beautiful tree, even if I do recycle it for composting after Christmas.  Artificial trees are very popular now, and although they save trees, they may be bad for the environment, plus they don’t have that Christmas pine smell.  “Scotty Claus” – Scott Martin in Redondo Beach, CA has the perfect solution – rent a potted living tree.  It even comes with delivery and pickup, how convenient!  And the best part is that you can request the same tree again the following year!  Once this idea catches on, and I predict that it well, I am sure the prices will come down and they will be available in your area.  Here is a beautiful green tree from http://livingchristmas.com.  Bookmark this so you’ll remember next year.

green christmas potted tree

Watch the Living Christmas Tree Video