Yesterday was one of those unbelievable hectic but exciting days.  Getting ready for an Interior Design photo shoot, it seems there are always too many things to do in too little time.  Running around San Diego looking for the right flowers, vases, making sure everything is cleaned and polished, and checking all the last minute details.  If only I were in San Francisco, I could get an early start and head over to the Flower Mart and pick out stunning flowers in one stop for dirt cheap prices.   All this running, is great for the waistline though, too busy running around to eat, and can’t eat on location for fear dropping a crumb.   And even though it was frustrating when the shoot was postponed for another day, it is a welcomed and much needed respite time; so I am trying to sneak in a little blogging and a lunch today.  Check back soon and I will have some new photos to post and you can hear all about how the shoot went.