You might think that hiring an Interior Designer is only for the rich and famous, but actually hiring an Interior Designer is a smart way to go for any budget and any project. Often the fees you pay to hire an Interior Designer are offset by the discounts a Designer can get and smarter planning.  Here are some of the tops reasons why hiring an Interior Designer can save you money:

1. A Designer can help you design a budget to help you plan your purchases. Planning, budgets, time-lines, and prioritizing. A Designer can help you pull it all together!

2.  An Interior Designer can help you get it right the first time.  Avoid making costly mistakes.  Buying the wrong carpet, furniture or paint can cost be costly when a space has to be redone over and over.  How many times have you bought an item that you love on a whim, only to get home and think now what do I do with this, because it doesn’t match or fit into your home?

3. Often the fees of hiring a Designer are recouped by the savings on purchases. When you make your purchases through a Designer, Designers will usually give you a discount off the retail price when purchases are made at trade showrooms. Many retailers also provide a discount to Designers.  I have had actual situations where the discounts my clients saved on a whole house remodel when purchasing materials through me, practically offset my total fees billed to them.  Note, that not all Designers discount on materials.

4.  A Designer has contacts that will help ensure your project will get multiple bids. One of the biggest challenges facing homeowners and business when deciding on a new project or remodel is how to find quality craftsmen and trades. Designers work with the trades daily, and they often know the best of their craft, from general contractors to upholsters to custom woodworkers.

5. Hiring a Designer will save you time, and we all know time is money.  Fresh ideas and perspective. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how talented you are and how good your taste is, if your a busy professional, you should be spending your time making money.

6. You’ll get more use out of your furniture.  A Designer can help you make quality choices in furniture that will last decades. With such quality and classic pieces, you may only need occasional reupholstering to refresh your look.  A Designer will help you purchase quality items that will last longer and can transition with moves or changes.

7. You’ll love your home so much, you’ll won’t want to eat out or take as many vacations to get away.  You can have that dream retreat you always wanted.

8. Free marriage counseling! Some couples have differences of opinions and tastes when it comes to buying something as simple as a couch. Imagine the complications that arise when redoing a whole room or renovating a home. There is no doubt it can be stressful! Hiring a Designer can help find keep your marriage sane, by offering an outside perspective and recommending materials that you will both love.

9. A Designer can have furniture custom made, often at a fraction of buying high end furniture at retail prices.

10. Sell your home faster.  Selling a home that has been professionally designed can help you sell your home faster and for multiple offers. Designers can also help with home staging (the art of preparing a home for market).

11.  On office reception area is the first impression people have of your business.   A professionally designed office space is a must have for most businesses.  Sometimes just a little help is enough to give your reception area that professional polish. An experienced and talented Designer is a must have for your businesses image.

Hiring an Interior Designer can be more affordable than most people think.  Zarita de la Cerda, principle at De La Cerda Interior Design offers practical advice, while helping to create a home or office that is both functional and elegant.  De La Cerda Interior Design can assist you with your upcoming bath or kitchen project,  furniture purchase, paint selection, decor refreshing or complete renovation.  Contact De La Cerda Interior Design for a consultation today, and start planning your dream space. De La Cerda Interior Design serving residential and businesses in the San Diego and San Francisco areas.